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Germany moves to tighten weapons law after NSU killings

The German parliament is drafting a bill that would require applicants for a gun permit to be screened by the secret service. This will most likely make it impossible for 21,750 Germans listed as far-right sympathizers to obtain a firearm legally. Of these Germans 9,600 are listed as militant nationalists.

The bill is supposedly a response to the execution of 9 immigrants by the NSU.

In 1938 Nazi Germany made it illegal for Jews to possess firearms, now the tables are turned, and it will soon be illegal for “Nazis” to possess firearms.



Update on the NSU

The NSU trial is the trial to assess the guilt of Beate Zschäpe and the four possible accomplices of the NSU.

The NSU, the National Socialist Underground, was a militant resistance organisation involved in a total of 10 killings (9 Muslims and a female police officer), 15 robberies and two bomb attacks. These incidents took place between 1999 and 2011. The two main perpetrators, Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt, have committed suicide on November 4, 2011 after being chased by the police following a failed robbery. Zschäpe was intimately acquainted with these two men and provided a face to the outside world. Zschäpe also burnt down the NSU’s last residence to destroy evidence and spread a confession DVD to claim the various executions as acts of the NSU.

The court holds that Zschäpe was an accomplice in the incidents of the NSU and that she is also guilty of aggravated arson. Zschäpe’s fellow accused are André Eminger, Carsten Schultz, Holger Gerlach, and Ralf Wohlleben. The court accuses them of having supplied and arranged shelter, firearms, false documents and services to edit the confession DVD.

The trial started on 6 May 2013 in Room A101 before the State Security Division of the Higher Regional Court of Munich’s Nymphenburg road. Ten court days have taken place so far.

The trial has begun chaotically, with several pleas by the defense and prosecution about the setup of the trial. The concerns included:

  • Bias, both personal bias and smear campaigns by the media that may influence witnesses
  • The possible separation of the trial into general proceedings and a spin-off trial to cover a nail bomb attack in Cologne in 2004.

After the fourth trial day, the court took a two-week break to decide on the various requests and pleas by lawyers. It was finally decided that the trial would be held including the nail bomb attack, and in its planned 85 sessions until January 2014.

The actual proceedings could resume on the 4th of June. Carsten Schultz was the first of the accused to make his statement and has taken questions from the court players starting June 12th. Schultz was 19 at the time of his involvement in the right-wing scene, and was asked by Ralf Wohlleben to deliver the pistol Ceska 83 which Böhnhardt and Mundlos used most in the ten killings. Schultz’s psychiatrist claims Schultz was emotionally a minor at the time of the crime, and the accused himself denies ideological affiliation with NS – he’s a homosexual and his uniform fetish drew him to the scene.

The second accused to have spoken out is Holger Gerlach, who has supplied the NSU with false documents and rented living quarters for them. Gerlach claims to not have known of the NSU’s executions until he withdrew from the right-wing scene, and has apologized for his deeds to the court and victims’ families.

Ralf Wohlleben has been asked to testify as well, though it is unclear whether he will do so or not.

So far Zschäpe has remained silent. While there’s no hard evidence there’s enough circumstantial evidence to convict her for life. Harsh punishments for those who are suspected of aiding the NSU can be expected.

Transcripts and additional information is available on the NSU archive.

The NSU Archive

We’ve set up an English and German NSU archive. So far the archives contain a summary, timeline, the indictment, and court transcripts of Beate Zschäpe.

The timeline shows the NSU came out of hibernation shortly after the 2011 Norway attacks. It’s unclear if this is a coincidence or not, we may never find out. Most of the focus has been on Beate Zschäpe, but hopefully we can find out more about Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt as the trial progresses.

Supposedly a video has been mailed out by the NSU, it’s unclear if any digital copies are available, and why they didn’t publish the video online.

Whether Mundlos and Böhnhardt should be considered European heroes is a matter of debate. Were the Native Americans right for killing European colonists when it became clear that peaceful coexistence was impossible? Did Native Americans have a right to defend their territory regardless of the intentions of the Europeans? The obvious answer is yes, they did have that right, even if their defeat was inevitable.

Scenario 1: Black men armed with guns invade your nation and rape your women.

Scenario 2: Black men are let into the nation (without the population having any say in the matter) followed by an indoctrination campaign that A) portrays these intruders are equals even if they are not by any objective means of observation B) encourages women to engage in miscegenation (race mixing) with the intruders C) forbids any criticism of A or B.

If you look at the outcome of Scenario 1 and 2 you’ll see there’s no practical difference. Going after these intruders is a somewhat impractical strategy as they come in in greater numbers than patriots can kill them. The NSU killed 9 intruders over a period of 10 years, while over 1,000,000 new intruders arrived in Germany over the same time period. From a strategic viewpoint it was a failure, especially if you consider the NSU did not efficiently promote their accomplishments.

It’s unclear to what extend the NSU supported Knights Templar Europe. If Europeans win the coming civil war there’s a good chance Beate Zschäpe will be released and her memoirs become a best seller. Like is the case with Anders Behring Breivik it’s unlikely that Zschäpe will be allowed to write in prison, let alone publish.