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Nordic Resistance Movement attacks Anti-Racist demonstration

December 15th a group of about 30 nationalists belonging to the Nordic Resistance movement attacked a group of anti-nationalist demonstrators. Using heavy fireworks they caused panic for a few minutes until the police got involved. The demonstrators included women and children. A total of 28 people were arrested. One nationalist had to be hospitalized after getting stabbed in the back.


This might be the first time that an anti-nationalist protest got violently disrupted, and it has to be rare as otherwise women and children wouldn’t be among the demonstrators.

If this trend continues it will mean that women (and their children) will become fearful of joining these demonstrations, militant anti-fascists will be forced to attend anti-nationalist protests to offer protection, and the police will have to show up in larger numbers.

The Nordic Resistance Movement refuses to talk to the press, as usual, and it’s unclear if steps will be taken to outlaw the organization.

It’s hard to predict what the NRM’s next move will be. They may attack anti-fascists as they travel to demonstrations, but nationalists often receive long sentences while anti-fascists rarely get arrested and prosecuted. This makes this form of activism very prohibitive for the far-right.