John Roddy and Tobias Ruth

John Roddy, aged 20, and Tobias Ruth, aged 19, both from Torquay, were sentenced at Exeter Crown Court September 24th, 2013.


John Roddy (left) and Tobias Ruth (right)

Ruth was sentenced to 33 months imprisonment to be served at a young offenders’ institute and Roddy was sentenced to 23 months, suspended for two years.

Roddy and Ruth were convicted of conspiring to commit criminal damage and conspiring to send malicious letters. They were also charged with possession of Commander Breivik’s manifesto: 2083 – A European Declaration of Independence.

Based on the wording in the press they had been careful not to use explicit threats in their letters, but the act of intimidation is only allowed by the government and their para-military wing, the anti-fascists.

The conviction for conspiring to cause criminal damage is somewhat strange, as they knew each other in person there wouldn’t have been a need to leave any kind of evidence of a conspiracy. The conviction for this is probably paper-thin and based on boastful statements on Facebook.

Part of the sentence was based on them tagging several mosques.


Ruth got a much tougher sentence despite being younger, meaning he most likely refused to denounce his beliefs in order to get a lighter sentence.

Both of them branded their upper arm, most probably with an Iron Cross.

If you want to write Tobias Ruth you’ll have to email or write to Prisoner Location Service, P.O. Box 2152, BIRMINGHAM, B15 1SD and provide them with:

  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your full address including postcode
  • Reason for enquiry
  • Full name of the person you want to contact
  • Ruth’s date of birth

Ruth was born in 1994 but I don’t know his exact birthday. Best to mention that on September 26th 2013 at Exeter Crown Court, Tobias Ruth, of Hunsdon Road, Torquay, was sent to a young offenders’ institution for two years and nine months and that he was represented by Kevin Hopper.

Political incorrect content won’t be tolerated in letters, neither are nude pictures. Stamps can be added as UK prisoners get only one free stamp a week.
For those living in the UK or other totalitarian nations where freedom of speech and information is under attack I suggest reading my guidelines:
The TrueCrypt program can be used to create a password protected folder on your computer where you can store banned books and other information. You can securely download 2083 here.
Especially German people need to be careful, or people whose traffic is routed through Germany, as there are strong indications that the German secret service is hacking the user accounts of Internet activists.
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