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Mijailo Mijailović

Between March 1999 and June 1999 the NATO bombing campaign completely obliterated the infrastructure of Christian Serbia which was engaged in a territorial dispute about the region known as Kosovo with Islamic Albania. At the time Christians were forcefully being driven out of Kosovo by the Muslim majority, and they still are today.

The bombing campaign was supported by all Cultural Marxist nations because they perceived Serbia as being an Ethnic Nationalist state, where as Cultural Marxists are decidedly anti-Nationalists and gain some kind of sick pleasure from forcing different ethnic groups to live alongside each other.

In June 1999 Mijailo Mijailović, a twenty-year-old Serbian national living in Sweden was convicted of carrying an illegal weapon, a large knife. This is speculation, but the available evidence suggests that Mijailović was deeply disturbed by the bombings which left Serbia incapable of protecting the Serbs in Kosovo from Islamic aggression, forcing them to either leave Kosovo or endure an oppressed existence under Islamic rule in the name of Political Correctness and the Multicultural Experiment. Like Crusader Nationalist Anders Behring Breivik he scored high grades and did not finish his secondary education.


It’s unclear if at that time Mijailović was planning to strike at the political elite that was not only betraying Sweden, but was forcing the Cultural Marxist ideology down the throats of all Serbians, with the cross-hair of a guided missile firmly fixed on their foreheads to ensure compliance.

Regardless, Mijailović continued to carry a knife with him, and on 10 September 2003 he spotted Category A traitor Anna Lindh (then minister of foreign affairs of the Swedish Social Democratic Party and next in line to become Prime Minister), while she was shopping in a department store. Mijailović initially lost track of Lindh, but kept going from floor to floor until he found her.

Just after 16:00 Mijailović attacked Lindh, critically injuring her with stab wounds to the chest, stomach, and arms, and she was pronounced dead at 05:29 the next day. According to eyewitness accounts the attack was deliberate and systematic.

Mijailović was arrested two weeks later and tried to receive a mild sentence by pretending to have been psychotic at the time of the assassination, but the judges did not believe him, and after several appeals he was given a life sentence. Before the verdict Mijailović officially renounced his Swedish nationality with the hopes of being transferred to a Serbian prison where he would be treated as a hero, but to no avail.

One month after the 2011 Norway attacks Mijailović arranged an interview with the media and clarified that it was in fact an assassination and that he carried out the attack due to a deep dissatisfaction with the political situation in Europe. In addition he stated that he cannot apologize, and cleverly included the message that he expects to burn in hell for what he did, which indicates he identifies as a Crusader Nationalist and only accepts God’s judgement.

Let me try to clarify the theological concept I entertain here. A Crusader Nationalist and Germanic Christian does not expect to go to heaven, as this is God’s judgement. To believe that one deserves to go to heaven would be defiance of God’s will, as only God knows right from wrong with absolute certainty. Subsequently one expects to go to hell while attempting to live a righteous life, hoping not only for God’s forgiveness, but that they have carried out God’s will. To renounce acts carried out in the belief that they are God’s will would be to renounce God.

From the Darwinian perspective God’s law becomes Nature’s law, the Soul becomes DNA, and Hell becomes Extinction, but other than the symbolism very little changes at the fundamental level, though both belief systems have inherit weaknesses as Darwinism is a scientific approach to morality, where as religion is an evolutionary approach to morality. It goes without saying that the common perception of what Darwinism and Christianity entail are vastly different from what I just described.

These concepts will be explained more thoroughly at a later date.

If you want to send a letter to Mijailović write his name on an envelope containing your letter, and put it in a second envelope with the address:

601 80 Norrköping

The prison authorities will figure it out from there and make sure he gets the letter.