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A Declaration of War by Combat 18

I recently stumbled across this video by Combat 18, a group of militant Neo-Nazis who favor leaderless resistance.

Leaderless resistance is identical to the concept Anders Behring Breivik described in 2083, the decentralized command structure of the Knights Templar resistance movement.

I’m not sure when this video was created, but I assume it was after the 2011 Norway Attaks. I’ve uploaded it to VK because it would undoubtedly be deleted if I used YouTube, and I dislike using LiveLeak because it doesn’t support https. The video is available here:

I’ll also provide a transcription of the declaration.

We can no longer sit in silence while our government betrays us, while our enemies threaten the values of the white way of life we hold dear. Islam is a vile mock religion. No more will we sit back and be terrorized and held hostage.No more will our children be victims of Muslim grooming gangs. No more will we bow to a culture that is foreign and deadly to our way of life, to our value system of the Aryan way and deadly to our people. In the name of Christian identity, in the name of the ancient Aryan Gods, in the name of leaderless resistance, in the name of Combat 18, and in the name of white men and women who will not back down we find you guilty. Guilty of destroying our culture, guilty of illegally trying to overthrow our countries, guilty of acts of genocide against our people, guilty of acts of war against us.

With this act of defiance against what you hold sacred, this is our declaration of war.

[Burning of a Koran]

Until Mecca lays in rubble, we will never surrender.

Sieg Heil.

Combat 18 was founded in 1992 in Great Britain as a leaderless militant nationalist organization. The number 18 stands for AH (Adolf Hitler). Combat 18 has associations to a website called Redwatch which publishes information about political opponents. The intent is to provide lone wolves with intelligence on suitable targets and subsequently intimidate anyone identified on the website. There has been political pressure to shutdown Redwatch, while anti-fascist websites employing the exact same strategy receive little scrutiny, even though far-left violence is much more common and pervasive than far-right violence.

What’s interesting here is the message. The goal of 2083 was to streamline various political ideologies and prepare them to work together for a common cause, and based on this declaration of independence it’s my opinion this was a success. Combat 18 makes a reference to the pan-European Christian identity, the pan-Germanic pagan Gods, decentralized resistance, imminent genocide, Islam, and Category A traitors.

What’s more interesting is the lack of traditional Neo-Nazi rhetoric. There’s no mention of Zionist Occupied Government, instead the European governments are directly held responsible for their treasonous actions. Indigenous rights are emphasized rather than the right of the strongest, and while the term Aryan is used it’s basically a synonym for White. Sieg Heil means Hail Victory and is much less provocative than ‘Heil Hitler’ which is the norm, and if you pay attention you’ll notice the masked militant nationalist performs a hybrid Knights Templar Salute at the end of the video.

The only logical conclusion is that this Combat 18 unit has made the necessary adjustments to fight under the Knights Templar Europe banner. Not quite Combat 122, but there’s a definite risk to openly supporting Anders Behring Breivik, as 2083 holds a more pragmatic, and subsequently far more dangerous, ideology.