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Peter Mangs

Today Peter Mangs was given a life sentence for two murders and five attempted murders. He has been ordered to pay damages of over 1.1 million kronor (127,000 Euro).

In 2003 and between 2009 and 2010 Peter Mangs allegedly shot several people with dark skin and non-Swedish appearance in Malmö, Sweden, in imitation of John Ausonius who shot several people between 1991 and 1992. Mangs is accused of killing two immigrants back in 2003, making the serial sniper approach seem like an inefficient strategy of armed resistance for militant nationalists, though he caused widespread panic in Sweden.

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Brunon Kwiecień

At a news conference in Warsaw prosecutor Mariusz Krason has stated that a 45 year old university researcher who taught organic chemistry planned to detonate a 4.4 ton car bomb outside the Polish parliament. His name is Brunon Kwiecień and he was arrested November 9 after explosives, detonators, over 10 firearms, 1000+ rounds of ammunition, and a kevlar helm were found at his residence. They also found a video of a test explosion which left a large crater in the ground.

Kwiecien is a pyrotechnics enthusiast who is missing two fingers on his right hand, and according to some sources he was planning to ram the bombcar into the side of the parliament, which is indicative of a suicide strategy.