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Vojtěch Mlýnek

On August 10, 2012, the Czech Police (URNA) and a local SWAT unit, backed up by over 100 policemen, arrested 29 year old Vojtěch Mlýnek in Ostrava, the Czech Republic’s third largest city.

According to the police, Mlýnek was preparing an operation inspired by the 2011 Norway attacks. He had stockpiled weapons, including a full-automatic assault rifle and armor piercing bullets, and had equipped an aerial bomb with a wireless ignition system. Mlýnek had the detonator with him when he was arrested.


Factions within the European Resistance – Part 2

It’s important to have a good overview of the various factions that are compatible with militant and non-militant ultra-nationalism.

I previously discussed political dimensions, which is a confusing subject because political dimensions tend to blur into each other. Based on a line of thought that embraces hereditarianism, realism, and rationalism it’s possible to create a political platform that most European Nationalists can support.

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