Factions within the European Resistance – Part 1

It’s important to have a good overview of the various factions that are compatible with militant and non-militant ultra-nationalism.

The easiest way to go about this is to determine various dimensions. The Cultural Marxists typically create a political compass using two dimensions that measure economic and cultural attitudes. As there are multiple dimensions this creates a very superficial picture.

The first dimension is hereditarianism vs egalitarianism. The most important question in this debate is to what degree intelligence is genetic to which the scientific answer is 80%, though the Cultural Marxist media continues to pretend it’s 0%.

The European Resistance will obviously attract the hereditarian faction that rejects the notion of the absolute biological equality of all people on earth. The hereditarian faction will include Eugenicists, National Socialists, and Social Darwinists.

The second dimension is realism vs idealism. Officially we’re all idealists, but a few realists still exist who will speak truth and nothing but the truth. The realist faction will primarily exist of intellectuals. The idealism faction will primarily exist of National Christians.

The third dimension is rationalism vs emotionalism. Women are more emotional than men, and subsequently our current matriarchal society is more emotional than a patriarchal society would be. To some degree idealism and emotionalism go hand in hand. The rationalist faction will include anti-Feminists. The emotionalist faction will include Odinists and Supremacists.

The fourth dimension is individualism vs collectivism. Obviously nationalism is a form of collectivism though not all aspects of society need to be collectivist. A nation can be nationalist yet individualist in economic and religious areas, or alternatively be internationalist yet collectivist when it comes to oppressing opponents of the state ideology.

The individualist faction will primarily exist of National Libertarians while the collectivist faction will primarily exist of Fascists which the left conveniently turned into a derogatory term. Libertarians and Fascists will obviously have their differences.

Communism is a form of economic collectivism so I won’t list it as a separate dimension.

The Enemies.

The most notable characteristics of the enemy camp are Egalitarianism (Marxism), Idealism (Conservatism) and Emotionalism (Humanism). Obviously the resistance will exist of anti-Marxists, while suicidal forms of Conservatism and Humanism should be opposed.

By defining the enemy the opposition will exist of: Hereditarianism (anti-Marxism), Realism (Intellectuals), and Rationalism (anti-Humanists). Obviously there are going to be centrist attitudes when it comes to Realism and Rationalism.

The Allies.

The European Resistance will likely attract libertarians because they naturally reject authority, while people who naturally accept authority are more likely to bow down to the wishes of the Cultural Marxists who are in power. From this realization it naturally follows that the Cultural Marxist authorities need to be completely and utterly defied in order for the resistance to attract collectivists.

Hereditarian attitudes are crucial as it’s the clearest opposition to Marxism, yet the European Resistance will attract Marxists who view Islam as a threat to their ideology. Egalitarianism must however be opposed at all cost and by rejecting Marxists they will be forced to work from within the Marxist camp rather than causing division in the anti-Marxist camp.

Emotionalism and Idealism are fuzzy concepts but should be opposed as they seem to go hand in hand with Marxist attitudes. Obviously this will create conflict with National Conservatives. Members of the European Resistance will obviously have to get their priorities straight, the main priority is the survival of the ethnic group.

Individualists and Collectivists will have to try to get along, compromise is key here where individualists are guaranteed liberal zones within the nationalist state.

Racial considerations.

Obviously the European Resistance will attract Whites, within which there are three subraces, namely Nordics, Alpines, and Mediterraneans. The available data suggests that Nordics have the highest interest in Breivik and subsequently the KT, and Mediterraneans the least.

The most obvious explanation is that Breivik is a Nordic and will appeal primarily to Nordics, Nordicists, and Nordiphiles. Nordicists will likely prefer to split up the European Resistance into a Nordic, Alpine, and Mediterranean faction. The current problems with Mediterranean nations in the EU support the decision to make such a split.

This makes it crucial for Alpine and Mediterranean nationalists to create their own platforms.

Lingual considerations.

English, German, and Russian are major languages that cut across the Nordic region.

2083 becoming available in German and Russian will make the work  much more accessible, especially to those who have Russian and German as a second language, rather than English. The Nordic faction will most likely be split in an English and Russian speaking faction.

Alpine and Mediterranean nationalists can benefit from German and Russian translations but might have to invest time in translating 2083, with no guarantees of a return on investment. Despite only 5% of the Russian population speaking English, interest in 2083 is much greater than in France where 35% speaks English.


The moment Humanists and Conservatives cross over into the right spectrum of the political spectrum they should stop identifying as such. Conservatives become Realists, and Humanists become Rationalists. It’s impossible to polarize society if you don’t clearly label the factions and are inconsistent in labeling your enemies.

Breivik flirts with Conservatives, but the American movement indicates that Conservatism is a dead end, and my interpretation of the political spectrum indicates that Conservatism and Cultural Marxism have plenty in common. I think it’s called for to address both Suicidal Humanism and Suicidal Conservatism.


3 thoughts on “Factions within the European Resistance – Part 1

  1. RusFebruary 2012/08/14 at 06:30 Reply

    Great. Thank you.

  2. Kari. J. 2012/08/15 at 00:32 Reply

    This is a very good entry, but in ways becomes a tongue twister of -isms, and may be better expanded on in multiple posts with more background.

    Perhaps posting maps of Nordics, Alpines & Mediterranean regions would help. AFAIK, Nordics make up only a minority of Russians, and making this kind of division within a nation seems unrealistic.
    Also far more people will identify with their nation as most often defined by the language group than with a dubious genetic demarcation.

    How do you define Conservatism, and what are the suicidal forms of which you speak?

  3. Angus 2012/08/15 at 02:13 Reply

    I had the map ready to go but decided against using it, I went ahead and added it though.

    If you look at the distribution of blond hair Russia has significant levels in it's more populous region.

    I'll add some more -isms for good measure.

    Conservatists tend to be idealists (rejection of science) and emotionalists (rejection of rationality).

    Rejectionism might be a better term as conservatism is resistant to change, and the rejection of Breivik by Stormfront is another example.

    What's suicidal (imo) is excessive altruism that extends beyond the family and extended family (race). It's unclear if Europeans are the most altruistic race, but Christianity does not help either. Humanists and Conservatives suffer from the same suicidal altruistic attitudes in my experience.

    Another way to view it is to see conservatives as people who desire and maintain a strong sense of hierarchy (rejection is a crucial aspect to maintain a hierarchy).

    This makes conservatives difficult allies because they'll appoint Breivik as their leader and wait for further instructions, which of course will never come because Breivik is in jail and censored. Meanwhile they'll reject everything and everyone who isn't a puritan or is a danger to Breivik's authority.

    Just some random thoughts, I'm still mulling this over in my head.

    If you're interested in joining a network I'd like to setup give me your email (gmail preferably) in a comment (I won't publish it) and I'll get in touch. It's going to be low intensity stuff, chit chat and light labor like translations etc.

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