Michael Piggin will be detained indefinitely

A ‘racist’ teenager accused of plotting a Columbine-inspired massacre on Hitler’s birthday has been detained indefinitely in hospital today for reasons unknown.

Michael Piggin outlined plans of deadly attacks on two schools, the local mosque, council offices and Loughborough University in his diary.

Piggin, 16 at the time of his arrest, wrote about arming himself with guns, bombs, and knives in a deadly assault inspired by Anders Behring Breivik. But he claimed the details of his ‘Operation’ were a way of venting his anger rather than serious plans.

Two successive juries could not decide whether he was guilty or not and defendants are never tried for third time. All they had to go by were some “terrorist manuals” Piggin downloaded (possibly 2083), the possession of a knife, and parts for an improvised explosive. Most people have parts in their homes that can be used for improvised explosives, and having a copy of 2083 doesn’t necessarily mean you plan to be the next Justiciar Knight. It’s unclear if writing down violent fantasies in your diary is a crime.

It’s possible sympathizers were on the jury, one of the few aspects the UK government cannot control.

Another case of someone being placed in the insane asylum for their political views.


Germany moves to tighten weapons law after NSU killings

The German parliament is drafting a bill that would require applicants for a gun permit to be screened by the secret service. This will most likely make it impossible for 21,750 Germans listed as far-right sympathizers to obtain a firearm legally. Of these Germans 9,600 are listed as militant nationalists.

The bill is supposedly a response to the execution of 9 immigrants by the NSU.

In 1938 Nazi Germany made it illegal for Jews to possess firearms, now the tables are turned, and it will soon be illegal for “Nazis” to possess firearms.


Nordic Resistance Movement attacks Anti-Racist demonstration

December 15th a group of about 30 nationalists belonging to the Nordic Resistance movement attacked a group of anti-nationalist demonstrators. Using heavy fireworks they caused panic for a few minutes until the police got involved. The demonstrators included women and children. A total of 28 people were arrested. One nationalist had to be hospitalized after getting stabbed in the back.


This might be the first time that an anti-nationalist protest got violently disrupted, and it has to be rare as otherwise women and children wouldn’t be among the demonstrators.

If this trend continues it will mean that women (and their children) will become fearful of joining these demonstrations, militant anti-fascists will be forced to attend anti-nationalist protests to offer protection, and the police will have to show up in larger numbers.

The Nordic Resistance Movement refuses to talk to the press, as usual, and it’s unclear if steps will be taken to outlaw the organization.

It’s hard to predict what the NRM’s next move will be. They may attack anti-fascists as they travel to demonstrations, but nationalists often receive long sentences while anti-fascists rarely get arrested and prosecuted. This makes this form of activism very prohibitive for the far-right.

Pavlo Lapshyn aka Pavel Lapshin

Pavlo Lapshyn, a 25-year-old scientist from the Ukraine came to Birmingham in the UK in April 2013 after winning a prestigious placement at a software company. A special awards ceremony was held at the British ambassador’s residence in Kiev.


What the British were unaware of was that Lapshyn was a KT operative who had decided to go on a crusade against Islam, and there is no better place to do so than in Western Europe. The media has been very hush about Pavlo, which is somewhat unusual given the circumstances.

Here is a timeline of the events:

7 August – Pavlo Lapshyn causes an accidental explosion while experimenting with hydrogen peroxide based explosives.

24 April – Pavlo Lapshyn moves to Birmingham from the Ukraine, after securing a work placement at software firm Delcam PLC.

29 April – Mohammed Saleem is executed in Birmingham.

21 May – Lapshyn adds a video on Timothy McVeigh on his VK account.

22 May – The British soldier Lee Rigby is executed by Jihadists in Woolwich.

24 May – Lapshyn posts a video on Hitler Jugend training. Later deleted.

14 June – Lapshyn posts a poem of Russian imprisoned neo-Nazi Nikola Korolyov. Later deleted.

21 June – Lapshyn posts a picture of Timothy McVeigh and audio biography.

21 June – Lapshyn detonates a small explosive at a mosque in Walsall. 150 homes are evacuated following the blast, nobody is hurt.

27 June – Lapshyn posts a link to the Russian translation of William Pierce’s Hunter.

28 June – Lapshyn detonates a small explosive at a mosque in Wolverhampton.

28 June – Lapshyn posts a link to the interview with Abe Finkelstein on “Jewish domination”.

12 July – Lapshyn sets off a medium explosive at a mosque in Tipton. The nail bomb goes off at the time the mosque typically holds its prayer meeting, but this day’s meeting was delayed by one hour due to the Ramadan.

17 July – Lapshyn posts a message on the National Socialist Underground along with a song by the German White Power band Hassgesang.

18 July – Lapshyn is arrested.

22 July – Lapshyn is charged with committing an act of terrorism.

25 October – Lapshyn is given a life sentence, of which a minimum of 40 years need to be served.

The British media remained very silent about this arrest. What is known is that the explosive used was hydrogen peroxide based. The police officers interrogating him called him calm, calculated, and committed. Just bits and pieces have been released about these interviews.

Based on the available evidence Lapshyn was most likely a Knights Templar, I base this on the media silence in combination with the miss-information that was spread by the media.

It’s very unlikely for people who support Timothy McVeigh to not support Anders Behring Breivik. McVeigh bombed a US government building in response to the (unlawful) prosecution of White Nationalist under Bill Clinton which resulted in the Ruby ridge incident (2 dead), the Waco siege (76 dead), among other incidents.

The Turner Diaries and Hunter are two works by William Luther Pierce that are central ideological works that influenced both Breivik and McVeigh. Especially in the USA they are worried by this ideology because it is almost identical to the ideology of the American founding fathers, which creates a dilemma because all people have to do is quote the American founding fathers, and these quotes are well written, radical, and leave little to the imagination. Then comes the difficult task for the SS (Secret Service) to figure out who is a threat, and who isn’t, while knowing that the most dangerous people are the ones who remain silent and draw very little attention to their person.

The Turner Diaries also detail the execution of Cultural Marxist and other traitors, who in the novel are hung from street lamps after the White Resistance takes over control of the American West Coast.

This being said the question becomes whether Pavlo Lapshyn considered himself a Knights Templar, and whether he intentionally traveled to Western Europe to combat Islam. The question also becomes whether the system would cover it up if he told them Breivik was an inspiration to him.

The answer to the first question is that Lapshyn researched where to purchase explosives prior to coming to the UK. It was real stupid of the UK police to mention this as this shows his dedication, which means that considering the available evidence Lapshyn must have been a strong supporter of Breivik for A) Bombing a government building and B) killing 76 Cultural Marxists. It also shows that UK intelligence is storing every single webpage visit, and is able to trace down which person was the one visiting the webpage.

It’s also interesting to point out that psychotic mass murderers are readily linked to Breivik, while a calm, calculated, and committed person like Lapshyn is not. This implies the Cultural Marxists will from now on try to under report on the serious opponents of their ideology. This so called cordon sanitaire has been erected around Breivik, who has discovered that not a single officially recognized journalist is allowed or willing to interview him.

So my conclusion is that Lapshyn is a Knights Templar Operative. He failed to get his message out, but he published enough clues on VK to link himself to Breivik without directly mentioning Breivik or 2083. He would have avoided mentioning Breivik to draw minimum attention to himself as he was most likely planning to set off a large bomb on July 22nd.

This would in turn mean the UK authorities are trying to censor Lapshyn, in the same invasive and all encompassing manner the Norwegian authorities are trying to censor Breivik. Keep in mind that the first step in any conflict is for the opposition to be ignored, marginalized, intimidated, and silenced. This however is a tricky game to play as it would backfire if it would become known that they are trying to cover it up, but if this were to happen they would claim that they are trying to keep copy-cat acts of terrorism to a minimum, and they will claim Lapshyn wouldn’t have radicalized if it hadn’t been for all the media attention Breivik received.

Some police officers will however believe that only the truth, and nothing but the truth, stands in between freedom and totalitarianism, and they will realize that they are now effectively part of a police state that treats its citizens as a bunch of idiots who need to be lied to by their ‘benevolent’ government. It’s important for concerned police officers to consider becoming a whistle blower, but they must keep in mind that the mainstream media will not only refuse to report on the matter, but they may try to reveal their identity and accuse them of being far-right sympathizers.

If you want to write Pavlo Lapshyn you’ll have to email prisoner.location.service@noms.gsi.gov.uk or write to Prisoner Location Service, P.O. Box 2152, BIRMINGHAM, B15 1SD and provide them with:

  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your full address including postcode
  • Reason for enquiry
  • Full name of the person you want to contact
  • Date of birth of the person you want to contact

Expect to be visited by the police if you write Lapshyn and to be placed on a black-list. There is also the risk of your name being leaked, which then in turn means the anti-fascists will blog about you. Emailing my gmail address from a non-gmail address might get you in trouble as well, so safest would be to join VK.

The best defense against a police visit is to record your meeting and place a transcript of the meeting online. Keep in mind not to lie to the police, and to have them clearly explain to what extent you are to cooperate, and what the consequences are for non-cooperation. It’s also important to have them clearly detail which actions they want you to undertake, which most likely are A) to stop writing B) to stop criticizing your Cultural Marxist government C) to stop worrying about the coming civil war and instead focus on materialism, social standing, and being a good sheep.

The same goes for anti-fascists, the media doesn’t report on acts of terrorism and political intimidation committed by anti-fascists, which means that a recording can be helpful. Anti-fascists typically operate by contacting the people you know about your activities, but if that doesn’t work they will likely visit you in person.

John Roddy and Tobias Ruth

John Roddy, aged 20, and Tobias Ruth, aged 19, both from Torquay, were sentenced at Exeter Crown Court September 24th, 2013.


John Roddy (left) and Tobias Ruth (right)

Ruth was sentenced to 33 months imprisonment to be served at a young offenders’ institute and Roddy was sentenced to 23 months, suspended for two years.

Roddy and Ruth were convicted of conspiring to commit criminal damage and conspiring to send malicious letters. They were also charged with possession of Commander Breivik’s manifesto: 2083 – A European Declaration of Independence.

Based on the wording in the press they had been careful not to use explicit threats in their letters, but the act of intimidation is only allowed by the government and their para-military wing, the anti-fascists.

The conviction for conspiring to cause criminal damage is somewhat strange, as they knew each other in person there wouldn’t have been a need to leave any kind of evidence of a conspiracy. The conviction for this is probably paper-thin and based on boastful statements on Facebook.

Part of the sentence was based on them tagging several mosques.


Ruth got a much tougher sentence despite being younger, meaning he most likely refused to denounce his beliefs in order to get a lighter sentence.

Both of them branded their upper arm, most probably with an Iron Cross.

If you want to write Tobias Ruth you’ll have to email prisoner.location.service@noms.gsi.gov.uk or write to Prisoner Location Service, P.O. Box 2152, BIRMINGHAM, B15 1SD and provide them with:

  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your full address including postcode
  • Reason for enquiry
  • Full name of the person you want to contact
  • Ruth’s date of birth

Ruth was born in 1994 but I don’t know his exact birthday. Best to mention that on September 26th 2013 at Exeter Crown Court, Tobias Ruth, of Hunsdon Road, Torquay, was sent to a young offenders’ institution for two years and nine months and that he was represented by Kevin Hopper.

Political incorrect content won’t be tolerated in letters, neither are nude pictures. Stamps can be added as UK prisoners get only one free stamp a week.
For those living in the UK or other totalitarian nations where freedom of speech and information is under attack I suggest reading my guidelines:
The TrueCrypt program can be used to create a password protected folder on your computer where you can store banned books and other information. You can securely download 2083 here.
Especially German people need to be careful, or people whose traffic is routed through Germany, as there are strong indications that the German secret service is hacking the user accounts of Internet activists.

Mijailo Mijailović

Between March 1999 and June 1999 the NATO bombing campaign completely obliterated the infrastructure of Christian Serbia which was engaged in a territorial dispute about the region known as Kosovo with Islamic Albania. At the time Christians were forcefully being driven out of Kosovo by the Muslim majority, and they still are today.

The bombing campaign was supported by all Cultural Marxist nations because they perceived Serbia as being an Ethnic Nationalist state, where as Cultural Marxists are decidedly anti-Nationalists and gain some kind of sick pleasure from forcing different ethnic groups to live alongside each other.

In June 1999 Mijailo Mijailović, a twenty-year-old Serbian national living in Sweden was convicted of carrying an illegal weapon, a large knife. This is speculation, but the available evidence suggests that Mijailović was deeply disturbed by the bombings which left Serbia incapable of protecting the Serbs in Kosovo from Islamic aggression, forcing them to either leave Kosovo or endure an oppressed existence under Islamic rule in the name of Political Correctness and the Multicultural Experiment. Like Crusader Nationalist Anders Behring Breivik he scored high grades and did not finish his secondary education.


It’s unclear if at that time Mijailović was planning to strike at the political elite that was not only betraying Sweden, but was forcing the Cultural Marxist ideology down the throats of all Serbians, with the cross-hair of a guided missile firmly fixed on their foreheads to ensure compliance.

Regardless, Mijailović continued to carry a knife with him, and on 10 September 2003 he spotted Category A traitor Anna Lindh (then minister of foreign affairs of the Swedish Social Democratic Party and next in line to become Prime Minister), while she was shopping in a department store. Mijailović initially lost track of Lindh, but kept going from floor to floor until he found her.

Just after 16:00 Mijailović attacked Lindh, critically injuring her with stab wounds to the chest, stomach, and arms, and she was pronounced dead at 05:29 the next day. According to eyewitness accounts the attack was deliberate and systematic.

Mijailović was arrested two weeks later and tried to receive a mild sentence by pretending to have been psychotic at the time of the assassination, but the judges did not believe him, and after several appeals he was given a life sentence. Before the verdict Mijailović officially renounced his Swedish nationality with the hopes of being transferred to a Serbian prison where he would be treated as a hero, but to no avail.

One month after the 2011 Norway attacks Mijailović arranged an interview with the media and clarified that it was in fact an assassination and that he carried out the attack due to a deep dissatisfaction with the political situation in Europe. In addition he stated that he cannot apologize, and cleverly included the message that he expects to burn in hell for what he did, which indicates he identifies as a Crusader Nationalist and only accepts God’s judgement.

Let me try to clarify the theological concept I entertain here. A Crusader Nationalist and Germanic Christian does not expect to go to heaven, as this is God’s judgement. To believe that one deserves to go to heaven would be defiance of God’s will, as only God knows right from wrong with absolute certainty. Subsequently one expects to go to hell while attempting to live a righteous life, hoping not only for God’s forgiveness, but that they have carried out God’s will. To renounce acts carried out in the belief that they are God’s will would be to renounce God.

From the Darwinian perspective God’s law becomes Nature’s law, the Soul becomes DNA, and Hell becomes Extinction, but other than the symbolism very little changes at the fundamental level, though both belief systems have inherit weaknesses as Darwinism is a scientific approach to morality, where as religion is an evolutionary approach to morality. It goes without saying that the common perception of what Darwinism and Christianity entail are vastly different from what I just described.

These concepts will be explained more thoroughly at a later date.

If you want to send a letter to Mijailović write his name on an envelope containing your letter, and put it in a second envelope with the address:

601 80 Norrköping

The prison authorities will figure it out from there and make sure he gets the letter.

Update on the NSU

The NSU trial is the trial to assess the guilt of Beate Zschäpe and the four possible accomplices of the NSU.

The NSU, the National Socialist Underground, was a militant resistance organisation involved in a total of 10 killings (9 Muslims and a female police officer), 15 robberies and two bomb attacks. These incidents took place between 1999 and 2011. The two main perpetrators, Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt, have committed suicide on November 4, 2011 after being chased by the police following a failed robbery. Zschäpe was intimately acquainted with these two men and provided a face to the outside world. Zschäpe also burnt down the NSU’s last residence to destroy evidence and spread a confession DVD to claim the various executions as acts of the NSU.

The court holds that Zschäpe was an accomplice in the incidents of the NSU and that she is also guilty of aggravated arson. Zschäpe’s fellow accused are André Eminger, Carsten Schultz, Holger Gerlach, and Ralf Wohlleben. The court accuses them of having supplied and arranged shelter, firearms, false documents and services to edit the confession DVD.

The trial started on 6 May 2013 in Room A101 before the State Security Division of the Higher Regional Court of Munich’s Nymphenburg road. Ten court days have taken place so far.

The trial has begun chaotically, with several pleas by the defense and prosecution about the setup of the trial. The concerns included:

  • Bias, both personal bias and smear campaigns by the media that may influence witnesses
  • The possible separation of the trial into general proceedings and a spin-off trial to cover a nail bomb attack in Cologne in 2004.

After the fourth trial day, the court took a two-week break to decide on the various requests and pleas by lawyers. It was finally decided that the trial would be held including the nail bomb attack, and in its planned 85 sessions until January 2014.

The actual proceedings could resume on the 4th of June. Carsten Schultz was the first of the accused to make his statement and has taken questions from the court players starting June 12th. Schultz was 19 at the time of his involvement in the right-wing scene, and was asked by Ralf Wohlleben to deliver the pistol Ceska 83 which Böhnhardt and Mundlos used most in the ten killings. Schultz’s psychiatrist claims Schultz was emotionally a minor at the time of the crime, and the accused himself denies ideological affiliation with NS – he’s a homosexual and his uniform fetish drew him to the scene.

The second accused to have spoken out is Holger Gerlach, who has supplied the NSU with false documents and rented living quarters for them. Gerlach claims to not have known of the NSU’s executions until he withdrew from the right-wing scene, and has apologized for his deeds to the court and victims’ families.

Ralf Wohlleben has been asked to testify as well, though it is unclear whether he will do so or not.

So far Zschäpe has remained silent. While there’s no hard evidence there’s enough circumstantial evidence to convict her for life. Harsh punishments for those who are suspected of aiding the NSU can be expected.

Transcripts and additional information is available on the NSU archive.